About Visitor Visa frequent traveller stream (subclass 600)

Visitor visa with Tourist stream is  for people traveling to Australia as a tourist, to see family or for business for up to three, six or 12 months.
This visa stream is for citizens of the People’s Republic of China who travel often to Australia for business or personal reasons.

Visitor visa also has 6 different streams to choose from:

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600 Visitor Visa Frequent traveller stream

Key requirements for frequent traveller stream

There’s a new stream in town under the visitor visa (subclass 600) for frequent travellers. The frequent traveller visitor visa, if granted, will allow its holder to make multiple entries to Australia, not longer than 3 months each time and not more than 12 months in each 24 months period.

  • Frequent traveller stream might grant a validity period for up to 10 years
  • You must hold a passport from the People’s Republic of China, SARs excluded
  • You must provide biometrics within the People’s Republic of China before you apply
When you visa is granted you may have following visa condition attached:
8573 – You must not stay in Australia for more than 12 months in any 24-month period.

600 Visitor Visa Frequent traveller stream requirements:

  • You must meet our health requirement.
  • You must meet our character requirement.
  • You must have, or have access to, enough money to support yourself while you are in Australia.
  • Be a genuine visitor intending: to stay only temporarily in Australia  and to do only the things the visa allows you to do
  • Sometimes visitor visa can be granted to best interests of the child.
  • hold a passport from and be a citizen of the People’s Republic of China

Visitor visa allows you to stay in Australia 3  each time. Frequent traveller stream can be granted for up to 10 years. The visa holder cannot stay for more than an accumulated 12 months in a 24 month period.

Visitor visa Frequent traveller stream allows you come to Australia;

How much cost visa to Australia

When you apply for 820 Partner visa you will be able to pay discounted rate.

Visitor Visa Frequent traveller stream

Visitor visa doesn’t allow you to attach family members to your application. For visitor visa, each person has to apply separately.

Business visitor stream allows you to lodge visitor visa only OFFSHORE. Thus bridging visa is not available.