Visa to Australia was established in 2003 by Piotr and Karolina Ferenc with the sole purpose of helping international students gain education-based Australian visas and making arrangements for their stay. In the last 20-years, we have expanded our operations and are now one of Australia’s leading immigration and visa application service providers. We are a Registered Australian Migration Agency (MARN 0743766), specialising in all aspects of the visa application process.

We customise our services to each applicant, ensuring all solutions and actions are tailored to your unique circumstance.

What is student visa to Australia?

Student visa, subclass 500 allow you to stay in Australia up to 5 years while you can study, live and work in Australia. Student visa, allows you to study English, Vocational courses or any university course. You may choose short English course, certificate or Diploma in one of hundredths disciplines as cooking, gardening, singing, It or diving. With Student visa you may also undertake Bachelor, maser or postgraduate course on one of many world finest universities.

Over 20 Years of Experience

Looking to study in Australia? Master your English skills, get an occupation or degree? You’re exactly where you need to be! A student visa allows you to study, live and work in Australia. You may study one of the thousands of courses, anywhere in Australia. You can include your family in your application and there are no age limits.

A student visa lets you study & work in Australia.

Our team, at Pacific Center, will:

  • Find what is your best school and study option.
  • Enrollment. No extra FEES.
  • Apply for a scholarship. When available.
  • Apply for your student visa
  • Apply for OSHC
  • Assist you with work permission and OSHC insurance
  • Guide you through all stages of visa application.
  • Assist family to join you at the time or later.
  • Watch your deadlines and eligibility.
  • Guide you through other visa stages.


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Find all student visa subclasses in Australia.

  • Independent ELICOS Sector
    • 75% of applications in 32 days
    • 90% of applications in 60 days
  • Vocational Education and Training Sector
    • 75% of applications in 62 days
    • 90% of applications in 71 days
  • Higher Education Sector
    • 75% of applications in 53 days
    • 90% of applications in 66 days


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For generations, Australia has been a hotspot for international students to receive a world-class education in a unique, safe, beautiful and diverse multicultural environment. There were over 188,000 student visas approved in 2018 alone, and those numbers are predicted to rise in the coming decades as Australia continues to evolve as one of the world’s leading education providers.

A student visa allows international school, vocational and university students to undertake full-time study and stay in Australia for the duration of their course. Examples of the types of educational courses you may undertake while on an Australian Student visa include, but are not limited to:

A student visa allows international school, vocational and university students to undertake full-time study and stay in Australia for the duration of their course. Examples of the types of educational courses you may undertake while on an Australian Student visa include, but are not limited to:

  • Primary, secondary and tertiary education
  • English language or ESL study
  • Vocational education and training (VET)
  • Engineering and trade
  • Information technology (IT)
  • Medical training
  • Certificate courses
  • Diploma courses
  • Degrees
  • Masters 
  • Postgraduate study
  • Doctorates 
  • Combined courses and more

There are even non-award courses available on an Australian Student visa as long as they are provider approved and have a CRICOS code. Australia is highly regarded as a place to study, with internationally accredited courses available, world-class, state-of-the-art education facilities, and safe and friendly communities across the country. While studying in Australia, students will also be able to immerse themselves in its rich Indigenous culture, unique and diverse fauna and flora, long beaches, open desert expanses, natural bushland, tropical rainforests and thriving urban centres.

Like the subclass 500 Australian Student visa, certain Visas also allows students aged 18-30 to work for up to 40-hours per-fortnight once your course has commenced. There is also a student guardian subclass for parents and guardians of minor age students, giving young children and teenage internationals access to Australia’s open and inclusive education system.

Our student visa and educational consultants can help you choose the best school, university and education path for you or your child, including public and private education institutions.

The student visa fee for one person is $650.
Visa for a partner cost $160 and for each child $155.
Check all student visa fees here
You will also have to meet student visa requirements. Calculate it here.
As a single student, you will need to show you can afford to study in Australia. To do so, you need:
– provide a bank statement (yours of the family) showing a minimum AU$ 21 041.00
+ school tuition
6 months of English study – AU$6 200
12 months of English study – AU$12 400
1 year TAFE study – AU$10 400
1-year University Study – AU$22 000


The basic outline of a standard subclass 500 Australian Student visa is as follows:

  • Stay for the duration of your course or a maximum of five-years.
  • Primary school-aged children enrolled in years 1-4 will generally be granted a maximum of three years.
  • Minimum application cost of AUD$620, unless exemptions apply.
  • Processing times do vary depending on the course type and other eligibility factors.

Conditions of eligibility can vary significantly from student to student depending on the:

  • Age of the student
  • The course that is being studied
  • Personal circumstances
  • Previous visas obtained and more

However, the basic requirements that must be met to obtain a subclass 500 Australian Student visa are as follows:

  • Must be over the age of six.
  • International persons must be enrolled in a course of study in Australia.
  • Must hold Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) or fall within an exemption category.
  • Prove that welfare arrangements are in place if under the age of 18.
  • If already within Australia, international persons must hold an eligible substantive visa.

It is worth reiterating that five-years is the maximum period that a student can stay on a subclass 500 student visa. The length of your visa directly aligns with the length of your course.

If you wish to continue further education in Australia once your course is completed, you will be required to apply for a new student visa. 

In certain circumstances, a subclass 485 Temporary Graduate visa may be applied to extend your time in Australia between 18-months and four-years. If a student visa expires before graduation, a student may be eligible for a subclass 600 Visitor visa to attend the graduation events.

Students that have or do hold a student visa, and complete specific qualifications in Australia within a prior six-month period may be eligible for a subclass 485 Temporary Graduate visa.

Graduates of engineering qualifications under a recognised institution who meet the correct criteria can be eligible for a subclass 476 Skilled Recognised Graduate visa under 31.

If a student wishes to holiday in Australia post-graduation or at the end of their course, they must apply for a new visa pertaining to their unique circumstance.

A student applying to study in Australia can include a family member in their student visa application lodgement. This family member or guardian must be:

  • Your partner
  • You or your partner’s dependent child who is unmarried and under the age of 18

Other restrictions that apply in this circumstance include, but are not limited to:

  • Student visas cannot be granted if a child has turned 18 at the time a visa is finalised. They will need to apply for their own visa.
  • Family members must be declared in your student visa application even if they do not intend to travel to Australia with the student. If this is not included in the application, the family member will not be eligible for an adjoined student visa.
  • A family member can apply as a subsequent entrant at a later time in a separate application, so long as they meet Australian health and character requirements.


It is important to know what is changing and how those changes may affect you. Visa to Australia team will provide you with confirmed and explained changes.


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