Welcome to Pacific Center! We’re your easy path to getting a visa for travel, study, or moving to Australia. As a trusted Registered Australian Migration Agency (MARN 0743766), we’ve helped many people, no matter their background, start their Australian journey smoothly.

Our team of Immigration Agents is dedicated to giving you top-notch professionalism. With over 20 years of experience and track records of success and ongoing support, we offer unmatched visa services. Our team’s knowledge, local know-how, and strong commitment mean we create personalized visa solutions for everyone. We focus on a personalized approach, continuous support, and advanced technology to simplify the process.

Piotr Ferenc, the director and RMA at Pacific Centre, adopts a fearless approach, challenging decisions and rejecting ‘no’ as the final answer. With extensive experience and innovative, out-of-the-box thinking, he ensures the safeguarding of your best interests.

Whether you want a simple short-stay visa or are thinking of moving to Australia for good, Pacific Center is here for you.

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  • Contributory Parent Visa
  • Child Visa
  • Tourist Visa
  • Work Visa
  • Business Talent Visa
  • Travel Visa
  • Distinguished Talent Visa
  • Skilled Regional Visa
  • Employer-Sponsored Visa


At Pacific Center, our team are experts in Australian visas and immigration. We help with all visa applications, appeals, sponsorships and citizenship. Every day, we handle permanent visas like family, work, and skilled visas. We also specialize in short-stay visas such as tourist, travel, study, or training visas. We’re a migration agency solely focused on Australian visas, and we’re really good at it. Our visa service is easy, clear, and personal. From start to finish, we guide you through the whole visa application process.

Applying for a visa to Australia involves several steps, and at Pacific Center, we streamline this process for you.

Firstly, we start with a personalized consultation to understand your needs and assess the most suitable visa options available. Our team of experts meticulously guides you through the necessary documentation, ensuring everything is in order. We assist with filling out application forms, compiling essential paperwork, and meeting all criteria required by Australian immigration authorities. Additionally, we offer continuous support, addressing any queries and providing updates throughout the application journey.

Our goal is to make this often complex process as simple and stress-free as possible, ensuring that you’re well-informed and supported at every stage of obtaining your visa to Australia.



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In Australia, we have approximately 150 visa categories. Those categories often have subcategories and specific criteria depending on your unique situation. The Australian visa system is quite comprehensive and diverse, covering a wide range of scenarios for people looking to visit, work, study, or live in Australia.

Applying for a visa to Australia becomes a streamlined process with Pacific Center at your side. At Pacific Center, we believe choosing the right visa is crucial, especially for long-term stays or applying for permanent residency. Our expert team simplifies the intricate visa application journey, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for individuals seeking to explore, study, work, or immigrate to this remarkable country.

We look at your goals, qualifications, and your situation. We also think about your timing, money, health, family, and other important things. Our team studies all this to suggest the best visa for you. We explain everything clearly, making sure you understand your options. We’re here to guide you for a successful visa application and a chance to live in Australia that suits you.


Our distinctive blend of experience and innovation, marrying profound knowledge with fresh perspectives and visionary insight, defines our identity. However, it doesn’t stop there: our dedication is singularly focused on client service, tailoring solutions to precisely meet our clients’ needs. With over two decades of expertise in Australian Visa and Immigration law, our team comprises international professionals and contractors spread across various countries worldwide. Connect with us to discover more about who we are.

Expertise and Experience: Pacific Center prides itself on a team with extensive expertise and experience in navigating complex immigration processes, showcasing their qualifications and successful track record over the years.
Personalized Service: Pacific Center is committed to offering personalized services, ensuring that each client receives tailored solutions suited to their unique circumstances. They prioritize individual attention and care throughout the immigration journey.
Technology and Convenience: Utilizing advanced technological tools and platforms, the agency offers clients convenience and accessibility, enabling online consultations and streamlined document submissions.
Track Record of Success: The agency boasts a high success rate in securing various visa types and handling complex cases, instilling confidence in potential clients regarding their capabilities.
Ongoing Support and Follow-Up: Beyond visa approval, the agency is committed to providing ongoing support, assisting clients with settling in and addressing further immigration needs that may arise.
Legal Knowledge and Compliance: Pacific Center boasts an in-depth understanding of immigration laws and regulations, ensuring that all client applications strictly adhere to legal requirements. Piotr Ferenc’s fearless approach involves challenging decisions and refusing to accept “no” as the final answer. His extensive experience and innovative, outside-the-box thinking guarantee the protection of your best interests.


Our main office in Airlie Beach, Queensland, is surrounded by beautiful scenery. It’s a lively place with connections to global consultants and strong online services. If you want to know more about our visa and immigration services, our friendly team is here to help. You can contact us by phone, email, or through our easy online form.

For over two decades, our business has thrived since its inception in 2003, marking over 20 years of dedicated service. Our longevity speaks volumes about our unwavering work ethic and relentless commitment to securing favorable outcomes for each client. This extensive experience has solidified our reputation as a stable and highly trusted establishment within the industry.

Our enduring success is not just a testament to our dedication but also a result of the trust we’ve earned. Satisfied clients frequently refer others to us, reflecting the excellent experiences they’ve had in their migration journeys with our team. We deeply empathize with our clients’ situations, approaching each case without judgment and handling their aspirations with utmost care.

In an industry where longevity is rare, we stand out. Unlike many migration agents who struggle to sustain their practice beyond a year, our consistent and continuous registration underscores our reliability. Our current MARN number, 0743766, reflects our registration year, affirming our status as a longstanding and dedicated registered migration agent.

We understand the importance of trust and accountability. Should you ever question the authenticity of an agent, simply checking their MARN number can provide clarity. Our up-to-date registration, unwavering since our inception, reassures you of our credibility and commitment to your migration journey.”