You may call them migration agents, migration or immigration lawyers, consultants, or visa advisors…- you are looking for a professional to help you understand, apply for, and get a visa to Australia. And this is what we do.

A migration agent helps people with moving to Australia or staying there legally. They assist with visa applications, provide advice on immigration laws, and help navigate the complex process of obtaining visas and residency. Migration agents are knowledgeable about different visa types, such as student visas, work visas, and family visas. They also offer services like helping with paperwork, explaining the requirements, and representing clients in dealings with immigration authorities. If you’re looking to move to Australia, a migration agent can be a valuable resource to guide you through the process smoothly.


  • Help with visa applications for work, study, family, or holidays.
  • Advise on immigration laws and rules.
  • Decide which visa is best for each person’s situation.
  • Explain what you need to do for your visa.
  • Fill out and send visa forms.
  • Talk to immigration officers for you.
  • Help gather the papers you need for your visa.
  • Keep you updated on any changes to immigration laws.

How to find the best migration agent?


  • Family immigration,
  • Tourist and travel visas,
  • Skilled visas (General Skilled Immigration),
  • Business visas,
  • Corporate visa services for business sponsors and employers
  • Student visas
  • Australian citizenship
  • Appeals and refusals
We have immigration consultants who are experienced in dealing with the most complicated cases. If you think that your case is difficult or unusual, contact us.


Pacific Center has been operating since 2003, boasting over 15 years of experience providing top-notch immigration services. With a focus on work ethic and dedication, Piotr and his team ensure every client receives the best outcome. Recognized for stability and trustworthiness, Pacific Center often receives referrals from satisfied past clients. They empathize with clients’ situations and work diligently to facilitate their migration to Australia. Unlike many migration agents, Pacific Center maintains active registration and stays up-to-date with yearly training sessions to adhere to strict regulations and provide reliable advice.

Immigration and the law

Only registered migration agents can legally provide visa or immigration advice in Australia. Compliance requires continuous skill development and adherence to strict rules, including maintaining trust accounts and being accountable for advice given. Proper protection ensures clients’ interests are safeguarded, especially in unforeseen circumstances.

Specialization and Authentic Approach

Pacific Center specializes in various visa types, including employer-sponsored, partner, and student visas. Piotr Ferenc, the principal migration agent, is renowned for his holistic approach. With meticulous planning and step-by-step guidance, Piotr ensures clients achieve their migration goals effectively.

Differentiation Between Migration Agents and Lawyers

Migration agents offer specialized expertise not typically found in lawyers. While lawyers can represent clients for immigration purposes, specialized migration agents possess in-depth knowledge and stay current with immigration laws and changes. It’s crucial to seek representation from a knowledgeable migration agent for visa-related matters.

Addressing Visa Refusal Issues

In case of visa refusal, Pacific Center offers solutions backed by extensive knowledge and skills in immigration law. Preparation for appeals, submissions, and hearings is meticulous to maximize success rates. Piotr’s track record includes winning several visa refusal cases and earning recognition from regional councils and government departments.

Registered Education Agent

Pacific Center is also a registered education agent representing top educational institutions across Australia. Their representation extends beyond Queensland to ensure clients access quality education nationwide.

Strong Connections and Client Diversity

Years of experience have built strong connections with diverse communities worldwide. Pacific Center represents clients from various cultural backgrounds, fostering strong relationships and cultural understanding.

Diverse Clientele and Professional Expertise

Pacific Center works with clients of all sizes and complexities, from small businesses to government organizations and resorts. Their expertise spans quick visa grants to long-term cases, ensuring client satisfaction.

Contact Pacific Center

For personalized immigration solutions, whether simple or complex, reach out to Piotr and his team at Pacific Center. Their dedication and expertise guarantee a smooth migration process tailored to your needs.


At our Pacific Center, our staff is dedicated to assisting people worldwide with their visa applications. Even though our offices are in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Airlie Beach (Whitsundays), Queensland, our services are accessible online, ensuring that anyone, regardless of location, can benefit from our expertise.

Moreover, our team simplifies the visa application process by providing comprehensive guidance and ensuring that all information is accurate and meets the requirements. We strive to increase the likelihood of visa success by offering efficiency, transparency, and ease throughout the application journey. Whether you’re applying for a temporary or permanent visa, our staff is here to provide tailored assistance and support, making the visa application process stress-free and straightforward.