Australia is a lucky country with good employment rates, economic growth and stability, high living standards, world-class education, and social security. It is a land rich with Indigenous culture, full of unique native fauna, breath-taking flora, diverse natural landscapes, and vibrant city life. Australia also has low poverty rates, comprehensive healthcare, and no wars or major conflicts, a life denied to many.

By the end of the financial year 2019, over 7.5-million migrants were residing in Australia, and 29.7% of Australia’s population had been born overseas. Modern Australia is a vibrant young nation built on immigration and multicultural diversity. It is no wonder that Australia ranks in the top four countries to be an immigrant and is in the top 20 places to live in the world.

Since 2003, the passionate and caring team here at Visa to Australia has helped international peoples worldwide work, live, study, and travel in Australia with comprehensive and successful immigration and visa applications services.



We are

Registered Australian Migration Agency

Visa to Australia and Pacific Center

Visa to Australia is a division of the Pacific Centre group. We are a Registered Australian Migration Agency (MARN 0743766) specialising in all aspects of the Australian Government immigration and visa application process. Our head office is located in Airlie Beach in far North Queensland, and we have consultants located worldwide. Our services are available online to anyone in the world seeking to obtain an Australian visa or immigrate permanently.

The consultants here at Pacific Center specialise in immigration law, offer advice, and assist applicants in navigating the complex Australian visa and immigration system. For over 20-years, our highly-trained and passionate team of visa and immigration experts have helped individuals, families, skilled workers, students, and refugees call Australia home.

We are driven by our values of reliability, transparency, and professionalism and endeavour to provide clear and concise information while keeping our clients constantly up-to-date throughout the application process.

Examples of the broad scope of services we can provide Australian visa and immigration applicants includes:

  • Visa consulting
  • Permanent visas
  • Family migration visas
  • Citizenship visas
  • Education and student visas
  • Work visas
  • Business visas
  • Education and student visas
  • Travel visas and more

We also offer a range of visa and immigration legal services, including:

  • Application appeals
  • Visa cancellations
  • Citizenship appeals
  • Non-compliance cases
  • Visa rejections

Our highly-qualified and experienced team can help in all Government, bureaucratic, legal, and personal aspects of the Australian visa application system, with services tailored to each individual’s unique needs and circumstances.

Australian Permanent Residency visa

Obtaining an Australian Permanent Residency visa is more of a journey than a straightforward process, and you may have to obtain preliminary visas before you are eligible to apply. It is important to note that having an Australian permanent visa does not make someone an Australian citizen. However, a permanent Australian resident can generally

  • Remain in Australia indefinitely
  • Study and work within Australia
  • Access Australia’s Medicare and national health scheme
  • Apply for loans and buy property
  • Sponsor relatives eligible for permanent residency



Depending on each unique circumstance, a permanent Australian resident may qualify to receive government benefits and services.

Unlike an Australian Citizenship, some with an Australian Permanent Residency visa generally cannot:


There are typically three types of common permanent visas:

  • Partners, parents or dependant relatives of Australian citizens, current permanent residence, or an Eligible New Zealand citizen
  • Children in the process of or being adopted outside of Australia.
  • Carers who need to move to Australia to provide long-term care for an approved relative
  • Workers who have employee sponsorship or
  • Have valuable and sort after skills needed in Australia.

Business or investment-stream permanent residence visa is a heading for a wide range of business visa subclasses. 

To learn more about permanent Australian Business Visas, contact one of our friendly consultants or head to the Australia Department of Home Affairs working visa exploration survey to narrow down which visa may be best suited to your circumstance.

Student visas may also lead to skilled stream visas. These can include global and distinguished talent, permanent residency in some specific circumstances (usually through graduate visa), state nomination, or employer-sponsored.


It is important to know what is changing and how those changes may affect you. Visa to Australia team will provide you with confirmed and explained changes.


Other permanent visa options

There are three other visa options that you can apply for to receive permanent Australian residency.

The Australian Government has created a pathway for eligible retirees to secure a permanent residency visa. This visa pathway provides options fr long-term residents who have contributed to their communities.

To learn more about the Australian Retire visa pathway, contact one of our expert consultants or head to

A subclass 858 Distinguished talent visa is for internationally-recognised peoples of exceptional talent and outstanding achievements. This visa replaces the subclass 124 Distinguishes talent visa, which is now closed to new applicants.

These visa types are for international families and peoples who have left their homes due to persecution, poverty and war. 

This can be a highly complicated process with complex criteria. If you believe this represents your current circumstance, we highly suggest making contact with the team here at Pacific centre or exploring your options be heading to 

Why choose Visa to Australia to be your permanent visa agent?

Australia celebrates diversity and welcomes all international visitors, students, workers, tourists, and people seeking permanent residency. However, Australia has some of the most stringent border control protocols globally; navigating the robust immigration and visa protocols can be confusing and daunting.

We are experts in our field and work tirelessly to help all international peoples and their families secure a permanent Australian residency visa.

To learn more about we can help you or your family in the Australian visa and immigration process, contact our knowledgeable helpdesk or send your enquiry via our online contact form.

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