Australian citizens and permanent residents can apply for a partner visa, parents visa, spouse visa, and child visa to stay, live and work in Australia.
At Pacific Center, we have migration agents specialized in family migration and family-sponsored visas. Whether in or out of Australia, we can assist you with all family migration matters.

In most family migration cases, it is essential to show the following:
• Evidence for genuine relationship
• How long does the relationship last
• Meeting eligibility criteria

Family migration covers all visas sponsored by family members who are Australian citizens, permanent residents, or eligible NZ citizens.

Main things you should consider and which we can help you with:
• Your visa eligibility. It means you must choose the correct visa subclass to be successful.
• Processing time for family visa and how you will live your life while waiting for a decision.
• Evidence you can present.

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Pacific Center consultants can help with all aspects of Family Migration for clients in and outside Australia.
Our highly experienced, expert staff are well versed in every aspect of the Australian family visa application process.

To apply for a family visa, your PARTNER/ SPOUSE/ FIANCE/ CHILD OR PARENT must be an Australian citizen (or permanent resident) or a New Zealand citizen. There’s a range of temporary and permanent options for reuniting with loved ones!

This site will guide you through all aspects so that when it comes time to apply, you know what type is best suited– no matter where your home country may be.
Most family subclass visas require family sponsorship. Usually, your parent, partner, spouse, or child will be a family sponsor. You must lodge the correct forms and declarations to apply for family sponsorship. It also means responsibility.


Depending on your situation family sponsor may be required to provide financial support or a guarantee as an Assurance of Support or/and Bond. It applies mainly to applications for older people. We will guide you through all those stages.
All applicants, including non-migrating family members, must pass a medical examination and character check and provide police clearances. It is crucial as many people forget about adult children, estranged ex-partners etc.


Most family visas are lodged in at least two stages. The first stage usually allows a temporary stay, with the second stage being a permanent visa leading to citizenship.


Another matter is the processing time for family visas. Currently, you wait two years for most partner, child, and some parent visas. Aged, non-contributory parent visas may take up to 30 years. You may check the details here.


Because if it is, you must consider when to lodge an onshore or offshore visa application. It would be best if you made this decision at the beginning of the process. We see many people who don’t know about it, and the consequences can be very hard on families. Bridging visas have strict rules. Considering the processing time and costs involved, applying for a family visa must be considered carefully
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We are now one of Australia’s leading immigration and visa application service providers. We are a Registered Australian Migration Agency (MARN 0743766), specialising in all aspects of the visa application process. For 20 years we help people like you apply for a visa to live, work, travel, and study in Australia.


  • Find what is the best visa option for you.
  • Advice on how to apply for various family visa streams
  • Work and control important dates and timeline
  • Assist you with work permission and Medicare
  • Guide you through all stages of visa application and family sponsorship
  • Assist family sponsor and applicant with all documentation and declarations
  • Watch your deadlines and eligibility for the next stage of your visa.
  • Assist with the medical examination process.
  • When and if needed we assist with Assurance of Support and Bond.
  • Guide you through to Permanent residence and citizenship.




The partner visa is for applicants who are married, engaged or in a relationship with an Australian citizen,  […]


Parent (Temporary & Permanent) visa is for people who have a child or children living in Australia as a  […]


A child visa allows Australians to bring their natural, adopted child or orphan relative to live permanently.  […]


Relative visas allow family members such as brothers, sisters, carers, and dependant relatives […]


One thing that is consistent around the world is family. The Australian Government understands the importance of the family unit and keeping families connected regardless of distance or time.
For this reason, there are nine different classes and subclasses of family visas to unite families spread across more than one country. Some family visas are temporary, and some can lead to permanent residency and citizenship through a temporary visa.

The Australian Government issues a limited number of family subclass visas per year. It means that any family visa application gets a place in a queue. In 2022 there were 50 000 visas allocated to support family reunions.
40,500 Partner and Child visa will be issued. At the same time, 6,000 places will be available for Parent visas and only 500 spots for other family visas.


Visa to Australia is an arm of the Pacific Center group based in Australia.
Pacific Center Group prides itself on being a friendly and professional immigration and visa firm that achieves our clients’ objectives. We work hard towards knowing our clients and tailoring our work to their specific needs and goals. We strive to offer the best advice, realize the best outcomes for our clients and their circumstances, and do it always in a timely and efficient manner.
We are a Registered Australian Migration Agency (MARN 0743766) specializing in all governmental, legal and personal aspects of the family visa application. Our team has over two decades of experience.
Our expert visa and immigration consultants have a proven track record for getting positive results with visa applications, including an 87%-success rate for family visas. We work with people around the globe every day. We have unparalleled experience in all family visa aspects.
We tailor our unique services to your case. Our consultants will be by your side throughout the visa process and beyond. We provide a world-class visa and immigration service that upholds our values of transparency, reliability, and professionalism.
To learn more about how we could help you or your family with the Australian visa process or would like to know how to get a permanent residency visa in Australia, contact our friendly helpdesk via phone or email.


  • Initial consultation to choose the best option.

  • We sign a legal contract as required by the Immigration Department.

  • You will complete our questionnaire so we can learn about your situation.

  • We will prepare a list of documents, individualized for you and your family sponsor.

  • We will talk about the timeline.

  • We will start gathering your documents.

  • We will assist with any problems, missing documents, etc.

  • We will check the quality of the documents and will advise you on how strong your application is.

  • We will draft all applications and forms.

  • Once application is checked and approved by you, we will lodge it.

  • We will monitor the status of your application. Check for legislation changes and deadlines.

  • We will stay in contact with Immigration Department and your case officer.

  • Once the visa is decided, we will advice you on what you can do now and how to plan the next stage.

  • We will stay in contact to make sure you know your rights and obligations. you can always call us with questions.


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