If you want to spend time working in Australia, you will need a work visa. The type of work visa you may get will depend on how long you want to stay, what is your occupation and if your skills are required as crucial for Australia. You must have a visa with a work permit to apply for legal employment.

In most work migration cases, it is essential to show the following:
• Evidence for English skills
• Formal qualifications
• Relevant work experience

Work Visa enables Australian employers to assist overseas staff to get a temporary or permanent visa with work permission.

The purpose of the Employer-sponsored visa is to address the labour shortage in Australia. In the past, nearly anybody could be sponsored for a work visa. Today, as a result, many low-skilled people migrated to Australia and many of those were very valuable for Australian employers, especially in regional areas.

Now new regulations have been introduced including English skills and new occupation skills have been listed, and new skills expectations had been introduced.

Thus, do not get confused when you are finding different information on the net. Some information is simply not updated.
Pacific Center offers up-to-date, honest and professional services to employers and employees.  Pacific Center staff will assist you with all steps including  Sponsorship, Nomination, market salary rate and labour market testing.

Check also our FAQ below to find what you are looking for. Pacific Center visa layers and agents to make sure the information we give you is accurate and up to date.

Each year we can see an increase in skilled PR work visa allocations. Goverment the main focus is on skilled migration and state nominations as those respond the fastest and the best to specific state needs. Those are work visa applicants who will help with skilled labour shortages.

Who can apply for a work visa?

There are many types of work visas. You can choose between a short-term – project-orientated visa, a temporary working visa leading to permanent residency or a work visa with permanent residency. Which work visa is the best for you deepens on many factors and at Pacific Center we will help you with all of them.

  • your skills and qualifications
  • is your qualification recognized in Australia
  • your English skills
  • the location you want to work ( is it a city or regional Australia)

What are work visas in Australia?

Short-term, temporary visas with work permits. In this category, we have air or sea crew, working holiday visa (WHV), and short-stay specialist visas. Those visas give you permission to stay and work in Australia for a few weeks or months. Usually, a maximum is 6 months’ stay.

Temporary visa allowing you to stay for a few months or a few years working in Australia. It includes a temporary skill shortage visa, training visa and Temporary visa.

You can apply for a permanent work visa in Australia or offshore. You may apply for PR work visa as your first visa or as a continuation of a temporary work visa.

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We are  one of Australia’s leading immigration and visa agencis. We are a Registered Australian Migration Agency (MARN 0743766), specialising in all aspects of the visa application process. For 20 years we help people like you apply for a visa to live, work, travel, and study in Australia.



  • Find what is the best visa option for you.
  • Advice on how to apply for various family visa streams
  • Work and control important dates and timeline
  • Assist you with work permission and Medicare
  • Guide you through all stages of visa application and family sponsorship
  • Assist family sponsor and applicant with all documentation and declarations
  • Watch your deadlines and eligibility for the next stage of your visa.
  • Assist with the medical examination process.
  • When and if needed we assist with Assurance of Support and Bond.
  • Guide you through to Permanent residence and citizenship.

Examples of occupations you may apply for a work visa.

• Engineering Managers
• Advertising, Public Relations and Sales Managers
• ICT Managers
• School Principals
• Librarians
•  Interior Designers
• Culinary and beverage experts
• Civil Engineering Professionals
• Veterinarians

  • • Social Workers
    • Carpenters and Joiners
    • Motor Mechanics
    • Roof Tilers
    • Plumbers
    • Electricians
    • Gardeners
    • Enrolled and Mothercraft Nurses
    • Cooks & Chefs


Pacific Center consultants can help with all aspects of Work Migration for clients in and outside Australia.
Our highly experienced, expert staff are well versed in every aspect of the Australian work visa application process.

To apply for a work visa, first, you will need to find an employer ( also called a business sponsor). Pacific Center can help you with that as well.

We specialize in visa, immigration, and sourcing overseas skilled employees for Australian businesses. With the ongoing labour shortage in Australia, we support employees and business owners with qualified, hand-picked skilled employees.
With over 20 years of experience, we have a database of over 20 thousand migrants and over 4 thousand businesses. We are sure some of them may be suitable for you. To apply for a job complete this FORM first.

There’s a range of temporary and permanent options for you.

This site will guide you through all aspects so that when it comes time to apply, you know what type is best suited– no matter where your home country may be.
Most work subclass visas require sponsorship or nomination. We will represent you and your employer to make sure all process goes smoothly.

We secured many positions this way.


Temporary Skill Shortage Visa – or TSS visa – is a temporary Australian work visa designed to fill skill gaps in the Australian labour market. […]


Skilled Employer Sponsored (Regional) Visa, this visa enables regional employers to address identified labour shortages within their region by sponsoring skilled workers where employers can’t source an appropriately skilled Australian worker […]


Skilled Work Regional Visa – The 491 visa replaced the 489 visa on 16 November 2019. The Department of Home Affairs has allocated 14,000 places to this visa subclass.[…]


Employer Nomination Visa – The Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) 186 visa gives you (and any family members) permanent residency […]


Skilled Regional Permanent Residence Visa – The subclass 191 visa is the permanent residency pathway for the following two visas. Subclass 494 skilled employer sponsored regional (provisional) visa. Subclass 491 skilled work regional (provisional) visa. The 494 visa and the 491 visa were introduced on 16 November 2019.


Temporary Activity Visa – The subclass 408 temporary activity visa allows Australian sports clubs to employ coaches and other sportspeople for a short or long stay […]


Training Visa – The 407 training visa is a temporary visa that allows applicants to undertake occupational training in Australia.


Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme – PLEASE NOTE: The regional sponsored migration scheme (187) visa closed on 16 November 2019. It has been replaced by the skilled employer-sponsored (provisional) 494 visa […]


One thing that is consistent around the world is family. The Australian Government understands the importance of the family unit and keeping families connected regardless of distance or time.
For this reason, there are nine different classes and subclasses of family visas to unite families spread across more than one country. Some family visas are temporary, and some can lead to permanent residency and citizenship through a temporary visa.

The Australian Government issues a limited number of family subclass visas per year. It means that any family visa application gets a place in a queue. In 2022 there were 50 000 visas allocated to support family reunions.
40,500 Partner and Child visa will be issued. At the same time, 6,000 places will be available for Parent visas and only 500 spots for other family visas.


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