Would you like to migrate to Australia but don’t know where to start? Did you know there are over 100-different visas you can apply for? Navigating the process of migrating to Australia can be complicated. Since 2003, the team at Visa to Australia, a subsidiary of the Pacific Center group, has been making everything much simpler.

Whether you are a student, traveller, worker, or immigrant that is considering migrating to Australia, we can help. Read on to learn why the process is much more straightforward and has a greater chance of success when you have Visa to Australia on your team.


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The first step for those who wish to

Migrate to Australia

The first step for those overseas who would like the opportunity to live and work in Australia is understanding the visa options available to you. The Pacific Center Immigration Agency has highly-knowledgeable, qualified and dedicated visa professionals who are part of an officially Registered Australian Migration Agency (MARN 0743766) and have helped thousands of people determine the best visa for their needs.

The visa applications available to you include these primary options:

  • Education and student visas
  • Citizenship
  • Business visas
  • Work visas
  • Family migration visas
  • Skilled visas
  • Tourist and travel visas
  • And more



Help from our consultants situated worldwide

While we are based in Brisbane,Gold Coast and Airlie Beach (Whitsundays) Queensland, the services we offer are available online and are accessible to anyone. Our team makes it easy to gain comprehensive information about your Australian visa application, ensuring that your information and requirements are correct and follow the required.

This all positions you for the best chance of visa success. Our goal is to make visa approval a stress-free process, helping you avoid the unnecessary disappointment and cost of a rejected application. We offer efficiency, transparency and ease for your process.

We can help you navigate temporary and permanent immigration to Australia. Some temporary visas are designed to help migrants to adjust to the Australian lifestyle, culture, workforce etc., and others allow for permanent migrants to have the right to apply for citizenship. We can consult on both situations.

The following visa subtypes may also be relevant to your situation while you decide if migration to Australia is for you:

  • Tourist visas
  • Immigration visas
  • Student visas
  • Employer visas
  • Family visas
  • Permanent residency Australia 
  • Working visa Australia
  • Business 
  • Skilled visa Australia
  • Sponsorship visas and more


It is important to know what is changing and how those changes may affect you. Visa to Australia team will provide you with confirmed and explained changes.


A breakdown of the primary migration to Australia visa options 

The most common standard visa subtypes include the following options, one or several of which may be relevant to your situation. We will work closely with you to determine the best, and most straightforward option from the following and more:

Australian citizens may have family they wish to bring to Australia either temporarily or permanently, a Term Family migration process. This covers all visa subtypes involving sponsorship by a family member and may include partner and spouse visas (on and offshore), aged parent visas, aged dependent and last remaining relative visas, and more.

The Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa applies to people with special business skills for a new or existing business in Australia. You may stay for up to four-years or from six to ten years in certain circumstances. There are subtypes for this visa, including the business innovation stream, business innovation extension stream, entrepreneur stream, and more.

Subclass-500 allows students to study, work and live in Australia for five years with short English courses, certificates or diplomas, postgraduate studies and more available.

Those wishing to migrate to Australia permanently may wish to apply for a residency visa that includes several stages leading to citizenship. This usually begins with a temporary visa, then moving on to a permanent visa, before transitioning to citizenship.

Are you ready to begin the process and migrate to Australia?

While it may seem daunting, the process of migrating to Australia can be made much simpler and more stress-free by selecting Visa to Australia as your Registered Australian Migration Agency. We work hard to customise and guide your Australian visa application process, giving you the best chance at success.

The migration process even in the simplest cases is not easy and simple. It combines many factors such as your personal and family situation, relocation, work, experience, language skills, third parties such as schools, employers, other authorities. There are many legal restrictions and factors to consider including bridging visas, right to work, right to Medicare insurance, right to travel in and out of Australia and more. To help, we plan your journey from day one, and stay with you through the whole process, correcting, helping and assisting. The Visa to Australia team offers over 18-years of experience in the field to give you peace of mind that your application is in the hands of professionals. Since 2007 when we became a registered migration agent, our personalised services have been known for their unique approach, personalising your service, which some of the most experienced agents in the industry perform.

We offer complete transparency, reliability, and total professionalism with concise and current information to ensure you are not overwhelmed by the rigorous application requirements. Learn more about our visa application, immigration and legal services today. The team at Visa to Australia are on your side and work hard to make the process of having or wanting to migrate to Australia much simpler Email us today!.

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