Meet Our Business Manager Karolina Ferenc

Hi. My name is Karolina Ferenc and I wear many hats in Pacific Center, i am a Director as well as Marketing Manager and the Accounts Manager and Technology Implementations just to name a few of my roles. Basically my job is to make sure everything in the business runs smoothly and seamlessly and assisting our clients and staff so that they can focus on the important stuff. I love being the glue that puts all the operations into place, giving guidelines and leading us to where we want to be as a company and team. Everyday I’m inspired by people I meet and those around me, everyday people, everyday operations, I’m most inspired by people and their stories.

I love working at Pacific Center because everyday is changing, it’s a creative environment, it’s fast paced but it’s the kind of culture that I thrive in, and that’s exciting to me.

Outside of work you can find me enjoying sailing, skiing and traveling and the most important things to me. When I relax I enjoy romantic, action and fantasy movies. If I could change one thing about the world, it wouldn’t be enough. I have a huge heart and have a list of about a hundred things I would change.

direct line +61 7 4940 3566