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GRADUATE VISA 485 subclass

Graduate visa subclass 485

The Temporary Graduate subclass 485 visa is a work visa for international students who have completed 2 years of study in Australia. This visa can be granted for up to 4 years depending on the qualification completed (5 years for Hong Kong passport holders*). It is an excellent way to extend your stay in Australia to improve your chances of becoming eligible for a permanent or provisional skilled visa.

There are four streams.

1. Graduate Work Stream, designed for international students who graduate with skills and qualifications that relate to an occupation on the list of eligible skilled occupations. They are entitled to a visa for up to 24 months.
2. Post Study Work Stream: this stream provides international students who have recently graduated with an eligible qualification a visa for up to 4 years depending on the qualification (automatic 5 years for Hong Kong passport holders).
3. Second Post-Study Work Stream; Holders of a first Temporary Graduate visa in the post-study work stream who graduated with a degree from an Australian institution located in a regional area will be granted an additional stay period of 1 or 2 years,
4.Covid-19 Replacement Stream. From 1 July 2022 and before 1 January 2027, current or former Temporary Graduate visa holders who lost time in Australia due to COVID-19 travel restrictions can apply and obtain a replacement 485 Temporary Graduate Visa.

Applying for a 485 graduate visa 

To be eligible to apply for a 485 graduate visa, you must be in one of those sectors:

  • Are at least 18 years of age and younger than 50 years of age;
  • Nominate an occupation on the eligible skilled occupations list for the 485 visa;
  • Have been assessed by a relevant assessing authority skilled VISA Assessing authorities
  • Have the relevant English language ability;
  • Have completed either a Degree, Diploma or Trade Qualification which is closely related to your nominated skilled occupation; and
  • Have met the Australian Study Requirement (min. 92 weeks CRICOS registered courses) in the past six months.

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