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The Prospective Marriage Visa (Subclass 300) allows you to entry to Australia to marry your fiance and permanently stay in Australia.

You must prove that your relationship is genuine and continuing. Financial commitment, social acceptance, emotional support and the nature of the household are ways of demonstrating this.

Apply for a 300 Visa

To be eligible to apply for a 300 Fiance Visa, you must:

    • You must be outside Australia to lodge a valid visa application.
    • You may be eligible to apply for this visa if you intend to marry an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand.
    • This provisional visa will allow you to enter and remain in Australia for 9 months to marry your fiancé.
  • You and your fiancé must marry within the 9 months
  • You must have met in person
  • You will have to apply for an onshore Partner visa (subclass 820 & 801) once you have married

1. Partner/Spouse Visa (Temporary) Subclass 820

This visa is the first step towards a permanent Partner visa (subclass 801). You will be able to work and study while you hold this visa. You will also have access to Medicare.

2. Partner/Spouse Visa (Permanent) Subclass 801

This visa lets the applicant live in Australia permanently. It is for people who currently hold or have applied for a temporary Partner (subclass 820) visa.

3. Citizenship 

*Applicants who are in a long-term relationship will often receive their visa approvals for the 820 and 801 at the same time.

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