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Last remaining relative 115 , aged relative 144 and carer 836

Relative visas allow family members to immigrate to Australia. You may sponsor a family member if you are an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or New Zealander. Usually, it is a temporary visa first, leading to permanent residency and citizenship.
Three of the main subtypes of Australian Relative Visa include:
• Remaining relative visa subclass 115– This relates to people who are the only relative left outside Australia.
• Carer visa subclass 836– A carer visa applies to anyone with a relative in Australia who requires ongoing care. The person’s mental or physical condition in question must be likely to continue for at least two years to be eligible.
• Aged dependent relative visa subclass 144 – This visa allows elderly relatives outside Australia to reunite with their families. They must have received direct financial support from an Australian citizen or permanent resident for at least two years prior.

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