Australia is proud to be a land of opportunity for all who share its values and freedoms and open its borders to more international peoples and families every year.

Even though Australia is often ranked as one of the best countries to be an immigrant globally, it has some of the strictest border control policies and protocols globally.

When people decide to apply for immigration to Australia, they often seek a professional agency’s services to help them navigate the complex and often daunting Australian immigration and visa system.

The modern Australia story is built on immigration successful stories, multiculturalism and diversity. Australia’s peoples come from all walks of life and all corners of the globe.

Registration of a migration agent is required to provide advice in Australia, and we have been registered since 2007 as indicated by our MARN number 0743766. Please find our agent listing here. Registered migration agents guarantee the quality of service and up to date knowledge provided by compulsory training each year, along with a monetary guarantee offered via a trust account.

As of the end of 2019:

  • Over 7-million immigrants now call Australia home
  • Over 29% of the population were born overseas
  • Over 18,000 refugees have resettled or gained permanent protection
  • 50% had permanent visas or had become official citizens
  • 68% of recent migrants and temporary residents had gained employment
  • 35% had obtained non-school qualifications after arriving in the country


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We are

Registered Australian Migration Agency (MARN 0743766)

Visa to Australia and Pacific Center

Visa to Australia is a Registered Australian Migration Agency (MARN 0743766) and is an arm of the Pacific Center immigration organisation. Pacific Centre was initially opened by our founders, Piotr and Karolina Ferenc, to help international students with their visa application and other arrangements when studying in Australia. Their services continued to grow due to demand, and the Pacific Center group now offers comprehensive, total solution, immigration and visa application services.

Examples of our diverse range of expert services include, but are not limited to:

  • Visa consulting
  • Family migration visas
  • Citizenship visas
  • Education and student visas
  • Business visas
  • Work visas

As well as legal help in situations such as:

  • Application appeals
  • Visa cancellations
  • Citizenship appeals
  • Non-compliance cases
  • Visa rejections

We offer entirely personalised solutions to our clients with complete transparency, reliability and professionalism. To learn more about our extensive range of immigration and visa services, contact our friendly and understanding staff via phone or email today.



Immigration Agency Australia

For many international peoples, Australia’s immigration application and processing system can be complex and intimidating. There are a myriad of complicated laws, paperwork, points systems, checks and balances that can be daunting to work through, especially if English is not your dominant language.

There are over 100-different visa applications, and trying to decide which immigration pathway best suits you or your family’s situation can get confusing. You must select the correct visa and immigration application to avoid unnecessary delays, drawn-out appeals and possible disappointing rejections.

By selecting to use a registered immigration service like the one here at Visa to Australia and Pacific Center, you are doing everything in your power to avoid these pitfalls. We have an impressive portfolio of successful applications and happy clients who now call Australia home.

Every Australian migration story is unique, and the pathways to becoming an Australian immigrant or citizenship can be as unique as the individuals applying for them.

Australia is considered one of the world’s leading immigration nations. Every year, more and more international peoples migrate to Australia, bringing more vibrance and diversity to one of the most successful multicultural countries in modern history.

There are two main pathways to enter Australia as a permanent migrant:

  • The migration program for skilled and family migrants
  • The Australian Humanitarian Program for refugees and people suffering forms of danger and persecution

Due to the Australian immigration system’s complexities, we highly suggest not attempting to navigate it without professional assistance.

The Australian Refugee and humanitarian program is part of an international effort to protect refugees and respond to global humanitarian needs while providing specialist support services.

The Australian Government works in alignment with international partners to create immigration pathways for peoples and families that have been displaced due to conflict or persecution.

The program also offers protection to non-citizens who have already made it to Australia as a refugee.

Some of the pathways outlined by the Australian Government include:

There is also the Reunite your split family program, which may be able to help individuals bring immediate family members to Australia, provided they meet the eligibility requirements.

For comprehensive advice and consultation on accessing Australia’s Refugee and humanitarian program, contact one of our friendly staff today, and begin your journey to Australia.

You can also obtain more information by heading to

The General Skilled Migration Program has been laid out as a pathway for skilled people and families to obtain permanent residence in Australia while contributing to Australia’s skills shortages.

There is a range of visa subclasses that fall under this category, including:

These are just some of the most common pathways, and each individual circumstance may require a different approach.

To learn more about which immigration pathway is best for your situation and advice on getting a permanent residency visa, Australia, speak to our help desk and arrange a consultation with one of our expert agents.


It is important to know what is changing and how those changes may affect you. Visa to Australia team will provide you with confirmed and explained changes.


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Our company comprises a select group of highly qualified and experienced professionals who combine decades of shared experience in the Australian visa and immigration system. We are passionate about what we do, and we offer comprehensive services tailored to our client’s unique circumstances.

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