Meet Our MRA Personal Assistant & Case Manager PAULINA WARDOWSKA

Hey everyone, my name is Paulina and I’m a MRA Personal Assistant and case manager for Pacific Center. In my role I work with clients from everywhere around the world, many of them are from Poland and applying for Student Visas and are seeking assistance with their School enrolments. I get to know them very well because from the moment they first contact us then documents collection, completing their school enrolment and completing Visa application. I enjoy learning about the clients as a friend and someone I get to work closely with. The great thing for me is that many of my clients stay in contact and become like friends or family even after the process is completed. For me it is easy to understand the determination of my clients and why they want to come and live in Australia because my story is similar to theirs so we connect on that level. I also migrated to Australia on a Student Visa.

The most important part about my job to me is the people, time management, goals and achievements, meeting deadlines and targets. I feel most inspired when i’m learning new things, meeting goals and working as a team.The best thing about Pacific Center is the culture, when you work here you easily feel like part of a team and a family. People and passion is what built this company to what it is today.

Outside of work I enjoy crafting, in particular making Christmas decorations and macramé. I also enjoy photography and travelling to new places.

I came from Poland and Australia was always in my head since my parents told me that we were planning to move when i was a baby but unfortunately due to a political situation in my country prevented my parents from moving. My Father and siblings migrated here in the 80s and Australia was always a part of family conversations and a destination to achieve. When I arrived for the first time it was for a family holiday and I knew that I would live there one day. Fast forward a few years, I became a client of Pacific Center and it changed my life. I moved from Melbourne to Airlie Beach to work for Pacific Center.

My favourite client testimonial would have to be this one

“It was a pleasure to work with Paulina as well as the agency. They have good understanding of the migration law in Australia and are actually able to use their knowledge for the benefits of their clients”