Meet Our Senior Case Manager Brittney Deboni

Hey my name is Brittney and I’m a Senior Case Manager here at Pacific Center. In my role I help our clients to gather their documents for their Visa applications. I work with our migration agent to ensure clients Visa applications are as strong as possible to ensure a positive result. The thing I love most about my job is when we receive decisions from Immigration and being able to share that news with the client that they are now a permanent resident. Helping clients achieve their dream of being in Australia and being able to see their happiness is an amazing part of this job.

I was fresh out of high school, literally 3 weeks after graduation I got this job and I have been here ever since. I had my interview and was petrified, and 25 minutes later I got an email to start on the following Monday! I started as a receptionist and got promoted to senior case manager. I’ve also just finished studying my Graduate Diploma of Migration Law – so soon I will be a mini Piotr!

I’m feeling most inspired when i listen to the clients stories about why they want to be in Australia and that motivates me to keep doing what i do everyday. Piotr also plays a big part in this, he was one of the reasons i wanted to start studying the course to be an RMA – he is so passionate about finding solutions to peoples migration problems, i hope to be able to do that someday.

Being part of Pacific Center to me feels like I’m part of the family, we are one little family working together. We always have fun together and are able to share that with our clients.

Outside of work (as sad as it is) i love to binge watch different TV shows, to be able to switch off and watch something good on TV is a good time for me.

Registration & Experience

The most important thing to know when engaging an Australian Migration agent is that they must be registered with the Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) in order to legally provide you with immigration advice and assistance. Check Pacific Center current registration and length of our experience.

Check us out on MARA registration site.

Meet The Rest Of The Team

Hey there, I am Piotr Ferenc, the Managing Director and Registered Migration Agent of Pacific Center.
Hi. My name is Karolina Ferenc and I wear many hats in Pacific Center, i am a Director as well as Marketing Manager and the Accounts Manager and Technology Implementations just to name a few of my roles.
PAULINA WARDOWSKAMRA Personal Assistant/Case Manager
Hey everyone, my name is Paulina and I’m a MRA Personal Assistant and case manager for Pacific Center. In my role I work with clients from everywhere around the world, many of them are from Poland and applying for Student Visas and are seeking assistance with their School enrolments.


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