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We’re here to help! We are a Registered Australian Migration Agency (MARN 0743766) that has assisted thousands of clients from many different countries to migrate, study or travel to Australia with comfort and ease. We are in Queensland, Australia, but offer our services worldwide, assisting you, wherever you may be in the world!

Immigration in Australia

Australia is an extremely efficient country and you will not have difficulty in receiving an Australian visa if you meet the requirements and follow the process correctly! We make the process easy to follow with the correct steps and the entire application can be done online and is simple and convenient.

Getting in contact with our migration office can also help the process and make it much quicker. Your migration agent can assist you with migrating to Australia the simplest way possible.

Getting a visa to Australia

Currently there are over 100 Visa types that permit you to come to Australia ranging from tourist visa, student right through to skilled or family visa. You might have different goals and motivations for coming to Australia, most people who come here are usually for a tourist or visitor or who want to migrate here for studies or permanent living. Australia is a great place to live with large open spaces, fresh air, healthy economy and lots of jobs, sporting and outdoor activities and events. If you’re seriously considering to migrate to Australia it’s best that you speak to a migration agency who has skills and experience in migrating people from other countries to Australia, this will give you the best chance possible of a successful application.

How much does an Australian visa cost?

Each Visa price differs based on the requirements and the total costs involved. It also depends on the type of visa overall. We have a more specific list of visa costs on our website sorted by subclass. You can also visit the Australian Government website if you want to do a Visa Cost Estimator online. The pricing of Visas are changing and may increase depending on the time you checked the price last.

How long does it take to get a visa to Australia and the processing time?
If you are applying for a tourist visa the processing time is usually around 20 days, however there are so many different types of Visas in Australia so to check your specific Visa you can check on the Australian Government website here or check with a registered migration agent.
What documents do I need to travel to Australia?

You will need a valid passport or other acceptable travel document, a valid visa or authority to enter Australia (including electronic visas) a completed and signed Incoming Passenger card, including health and character declaration.

How much money do you need to go to Australia?

The AUD $5000 figure is generally the amount deemed comfortable for travel into Australia, however it will depend on where you are planning to travel, length of travel and also that you are travelling with a return ticket already purchased.

It’s best to speak with a migration agent to make sure you know the correct figures and financials before you make your application.

So many Visa’s you don’t know what’s right for you?

Here’s some of the most common Visas for you to consider:

Employer visa

Employer Sponsored Visas allow skilled overseas workers to live and work in Australia for their nominating Australian employer. Visa applicants must be qualified or have sufficient experience working in an occupation listed on the relevant Skilled Occupation List. They can be nominated by their employer.

Student visa

A student visa is a special endorsement added to a government passport issued to students enrolled at CRICKOS registered educational institutions.

Family Visa

If you are a citizen or permanent resident you might want to use the family visa to bring your partner or other family members over to Australia. Family members can be a partner, child, parent or other relative.

Skilled Visa

A skilled migrant visa allows skilled people to work and live in Australia. It is a points-based system and is the most popular visa application pathway for skilled workers. Skill Select allows you to apply for a permanent Australian visa, such as a Skilled Independent Visa subclass 189, 190 or 489 visa.

Business Visa

Business Visa There are two ways of entry using the Business Visa, check on the government website about the options or call your migration agent to discuss your options.

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The highly-qualified staff here at Visa to Australia is composed of passionate, knowledgeable and experienced team members specialising in all types of Australian visas and their application process.

We are a Registered Australian Migration Agency (MARN 0743766) that has helped clients from many different countries and diverse backgrounds migrate, study, work, or travel throughout Australia.

With a long list of successful applications in all visa subclasses, we have developed an expansive network of affiliates and partners, including:

  • Major resorts

  • Tourism bodies

  • Local councils

  • Employment agencies

  • State and territory government bodies

  • Federal Government departments and more

Our team includes legal professionals specialising in immigration and Australian visas who can also assist in citizenship appeals, cancellations, and non-compliance cases. We offer dedicated, individualised services for all our clients and leave no stone unturned throughout your visa application process.

Our main office is based at Airlie Beach in beautiful sunny Queensland, with consultants worldwide and all services available online. For more information about our diverse range of highly-respected visa and immigration services, contact our friendly team today via phone, email, or our online contact form.

Our team is proud of our successful application statistics, which includes:

Employer-Sponsored Visas
Family Visas
Student Visas
Business Visas
Travel Visas
General Skilled Migration

Obtaining an Australian Visa

Australia is one of the world’s most prominent immigration nations, with an estimated 28.2% of the population being overseas-born residents. That is well over 7-million people that have come to call Australia home since the Federal Immigration Portfolio was initiated in 1945.

The land down under is also a hotspot for international students looking to access Australia’s world-class schools, universities and education facilities, with over 720,000 international students enrolled across various education sectors in 2019.

Australia’s stunning natural beauty, rich Indigenous heritage and diverse culture also attract millions of tourists to Australia each year, with over eight-million visitors arriving in 2018 alone.

The team here at Visa to Australia has been assisting international immigrants, students, and tourists with visa applications since 2003. 

We have had the privilege of helping thousands of people from across the globe navigate the complex Australian visa application process. We continue to expand our services to help people experience, study in or immigrate to this unique and amazing country.

Australia is a country that celebrates a rich culture of Indigenous heritage and cultural diversity. Modern Australia is built on immigration, making it one of the world’s most harmonious multicultural countries.

Australia is very welcoming and benefits significantly from immigrants, students and visitors alike. If you ensure that you meet all requirements and follow the correct protocols, getting an Australian visa should be relatively straightforward.

There are currently over 100-types of visas that are required to enter Australia, including:

To learn more about the types of visas required to enter Australia, contact the team here at Visa to Australia on 1300 10 50 50,

Why Choose us?


We have 15 years’ experience in the field and over 10 years of continuous registration that gives us an edge in creating the best strategy for your case. We have a unique, individual approach that is tailored for each case to help ensure the best outcomes for your visa to Australia.


We proudly represent one of the best Australian educational providers and have worked with many different schools, giving us insight into what each individual client needs. We can help, no matter what our clients are looking for. In order to best serve you, we will always make sure you know what you are getting into and where your money is being spent, ensuring you are completely involved in the decision making.


We have delivered for our client’s time and time again as we have worked with thousands of individuals over the years to work, study, live, and travel in Australia. We maintain a strong relationship with local businesses and government organisations to ensure we can provide our clients with excellent support during the migration process and during their time in Australia. From employment organisations, accountants, business planners, developers and brokers, insurance companies, and real estate agencies – we’ve got you covered.


We have a unique client approach, allowing us to think outside the box to plan consistent strategies and deliver for our clients. We focus on traditional methods, combined with a modern approach that enables us to take the best possible point of view in each case. Our small client-centred teams allow us to get to know each case in detail so we can best serve you to the best of our ability. We love talking with clients on the phone, in person, or whatever way works for you. Personable team members will walk you through every step of the way, maintaining a relationship long after the migration process ends to make sure your visa to Australia is efficiently maintained. We have team members in Australia, Europe and Dubai, allowing us to maintain a small-town feel with global expertise which also gives you the best access possible.

Work, live, study and travel in Australia

The highly-skilled and passionate staff here at Visa to Australia are proud to offer our diverse range of travel, study, work and immigration services to all people wishing to experience, gain employment or migrate to this unique and beautiful country.

We are dedicated to excellence in our field and stand firm in our core values of transparency, reliability and professionalism. We aim to deliver clear, concise and reliable information and advice, ensuring you fully understand every aspect of your visa application, standing by your side every step of the way.

With thousands of successful applications approved, we have the experience, knowledge, and resources to help people, just like you, with your Australian visa applications. 

To get advice on navigating the Australian visa application process, or learn more about which Australian visa is right for you, contact one of the friendly consultants today.

Major partners and affiliates

The dedicated team here at Visa to Australia and Pacific Center are proud to receive the support of the following affiliates and partners:

These are just a few of the incredible Government bodies, businesses, private enterprises and support networks that help us in our vital work. For more information about our Support networks and affiliates, contact the team here at Visa to Australia.

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