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 Student visa

To apply for Student visa, you must first be enrolled in a full-time course at an Australian education provider, and obtain written confirmation of your enrolment (CoE) from that provider. We will then prepare and lodge your visa application with the DOHA. The main criterion is that you meet the requirements referred to below, the exact nature of which will depend upon your passport nationality and the education provider requirements. You must also meet the relevant health and character requirements.

 Student visa Subclass 500

To be eligible for Student Visa:

  • you must be enrolled in a course of study in Australia
    you must hold Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), or fall in one of the exemption categories
    you must be 6 years or older
    you must prove you have a welfare arrangement, if you are under 18

Student visa may be  little tricky to obtain as Australian Immigration Department is considering it as a entry visa with permission to work for many people. So once you are granted student visa, you have right to stay and work in Australia, you may apply for work visa, skilled visa and you may not leave Australia for many years.

This is why your personal circumstances will have a great impact on how easy or difficult it will be for you to apply. There are many various factors such: your age, work and education history, family status, past migration and travel history, financial situation and school you have chosen.

Requirements for student visa are:

  • enrol with an Australian education provider as a full-time student, and obtain written confirmation of this enrolment (predominantly
  • on-line courses are not eligible)
  • genuinely intend to complete the relevant period of study in Australia
  • have the required level of English language proficiency unless exempt
  • have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the period of your intended stay in Australia
  • have access to sufficient funds to cover your return airfares, tuition fees and the cost of living in Australia, as well as costs
  • required for any dependents included in your application.
  • The exact amount of funds a student requires is set by Department of Home Affairs (DOHA), and is determined by your chosen education
  • provider, your course of study and other personal circumstances.
  • must be 6 years or older
  • prove you have a welfare arrangement, if you are under 18

Student visa allows you to stay in Australia up-to 5 years.

With student visa you may:

Step 1:You need to find a course, school and campus you wish to study in
Step 2: Lodge school application to obtain enrollment
Step 3: Confirm enrollment to school, make required payment to obtain COE
Step 4: Apply for Student visa
Step 2: Apply for student visa

Include family

You can:

  • include family members in your application when you apply
  • add family members to your application after you apply but before we decide on your visa

For Fiance subclass 500 – student visa, family members are:

Family members who apply for the visa with you must meet our health and character requirements.

Student visa can be lodge onshore or offshore. When you apply for student visa onshore you will be eligible for bridging visa.

How much cost visa to Australia

When you apply for 820 Partner visa you will be able to pay discounted rate.


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  • Permission to stay in Australia for period of study, some time before and after course completion.

  • Permission to work. For student it will be 40 hours a fortnight. For Student’s partner may be limited or full time work right.

  • OSHC must be kept all the time. From day when you enter Australia to the last day.

  • You may travel Overseas and return to Australia without need to apply for another visa

  • Your attendance and/or results are school will be monitored.


The student visa program is not designed as pathway to skilled migration or  business sponsored visa, however being genuine temporary entrant does not preclude you from seeking further stay or permanent residency if the opportunity arises .  If you need information about  how studying in Australia and getting qualifications from reputable institution here can contribute toward your  migration plan , please contact us. Migration agent can explain limitations but also opportunities associated with successful completion of education in Australia.