For those considering a shift from the UK to Australia, obtaining the correct visa should be high on your priority list. Many people find immigration and visa application systems complicated and confusing. This is why the experienced team here at visa to Australia, a part of Pacific Center Immigration Agency, can help those in the UK who dream of working, living, or studying in Australia. 

Read on for some vital information and book an appointment with our experts today for the simplest way to ensure you are covered. We offer a level of experience provided by a long career in migration. We take an individual approach and develop a close relationship between our clients and case managers to ensure a successful process for all.

Our team provide regular, ongoing contact with clients and all other stakeholders, from employers to accountants and more. Our boutique agency is global, and we build cases rather than just lodge applications. This level of quality helps you reach a successful outcome.

Contact us to see how our immigration agency can help you navigate the complex Australian visa application process today. We support all situations and work hard to find the best solutions available for you, giving you complete peace of mind along the way.

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Experts in all aspects of the Australian visas and immigration process

With help from our highly-qualified immigration and visa application professionals, the bureaucratic and legal processes of applying for a visa are made much simpler. You may not have undertaken this process before, and you are unlikely familiar with the local landscape. Neither of these are problems with our team on your side.

As a Registered Australian Migration Agency (MARN 0743766), we have been helping people from all walks of life to successfully obtain their Australian visas or run an effective appeal since 2003.

This is the UK can turn to our team for help with the following visas:

Our customised service takes you from the initial stages to the outcome. Make life easier and enjoy the peace of mind in knowing all of the necessary boxes have been ticked with our help today.

Do you want to work in Australia?

There is a selection of working visas available in temporary and permanent capacities. The visa to Australia team can help those in the UK apply for permanent working status or work while travelling.

The first step is understanding which subclass of working Visas you require. This is dependent on the type of work you plan to do. The main subclasses that travellers from the UK apply for include:

  • Temporary work 

  • Permanent work 

  • Short stay work 

  • Skilled occupation 

  • Visas for innovation

  • Regional migration 

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Are you after a combination of work and holiday?

An Australian working holiday visa is available for travellers from the UK aged 18 to 30-years, or Canadian, French and Irish citizens aged 18-35.  You are allowed three working holiday visas throughout your life with all criteria under visa subclass 417.

The minimum application cost begins at AUD$485, and processing times can vary. Our experts can help you to understand the additional eligibility perimeters which are applicable to each of the three visas. Basic eligibility for a working visa includes the following primary requirements:

  • A maximum stay in Australia of 12-months
  • A validated passport from an eligible country or jurisdiction 
  • No dependant children in accompaniment 

While these visas allow you to work in any State or Territory across Australia, you must first obtain a primary working visa before applying for the second and third. More information can be found at but for the definitive process, send an email to one of our consultants for a unique plan based on your specific needs. This is the simplest way to ensure you apply for the correct visa and have the best chance at success.


Do you have the opportunity for employer sponsorship?

Skilled workers from the UK can refer to the Subclass 186 Employer Nomination Scheme, which allows an employer to nominate a candidate to both live and work in Australia permanently. There are, however, specific UK visa to Australia eligibility parameters that need to be met.

Permanent work visas have a minimum application cost of AUD$4045 and require proof of the following:

  • You have the necessary skills for the role
  • Your Australian employer meets all government specifications
  • All health and character requirements are met

To best navigate the complex visa system, Visa to Australia agents can look at your unique situation and determine your needs’ correct visa. Many UK travellers have difficulty determining the relevant subclass for their situation. The options include the following:

Protect yourself by obtaining professional advice you can trust. A UK visa to Australia on an employer nominated plan is easily arranged via a consultation with our experts.

For a UK visa to Australia speak to the knowledgeable Visa to Australia team today

Whether one of the above working-class visas is suitable for you or require a student or standard travel visa, our agents know the right steps to ensure your successful application. The wide range of visas available can be best suited to certain situations. Choosing the correct visa ensures that you do not waste your time and money on a failed application.

The team here at Vista to Australia and Pacific Center Immigration Agency are experts in all aspects of the Australian visas and immigration process, helping many international visitors enter the country with ease.

Speak to us today about helping you or your family study, travel, live and work in Australia. We take your application seriously and will work with you to construct an in-depth assessment of the best way to position you for success. Email us today!

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