No work

  1. You must not work in Australia.This means when in Australia, you must not do work. Work is performing an activity in Australia a person would normally be remunerated for. This could be payment or some other form of reward. that a person would normally get paid for.
  2. For visitor visa holders only

    With our permission, you can only:

    • do unpaid work relating and credited to your study if you are studying in a university outside Australia
    • see how people work in an industry, as long as you are not doing the work yourself

    To seek permission, submit a letter about your situation with your visa application and supporting documentation.

    If your situation changes after you arrive in Australia and you need to work you will need to apply for a new Visitor visa (Tourist stream) requesting permission to work.

    You will need to prove:

    • you have financial hardship because of your new situation
    • you or your family member is likely to need the government’s help
    • you have compelling personal reasons to work in Australia such as a serious accident or illness
    • for reasons that you cannot change, you or your immediate family cannot return home
    • you have no choice but to work in Australia

    Decisions are made on a case-by-case situation at the discretion of the processing office or Minister.

    If you are not being paid you can, without our permission:

    • do volunteer work
    • do incidental work online for your job in your home country
    • do short-term domestic or care-giving work for a family member

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