An immigration agency with skills and experience can turn the red-tape and various requirements of an overseas move into a much simpler exercise than it would be when handling it on your own. It is unlikely that you understand all of the requirements and often waste time and money by not knowing which visa options apply to your situation. As an arm of the Pacific Center Immigration Agency, Visa to Australia streamlines all of this for you. We have been assisting international immigrants, students, and tourists who require a range of visa applications since 2003.

Read on to see how our immigration agency can help you navigate the complex Australian visa application process today. We support all situations and work hard to find the best solutions available for you, giving you complete peace of mind along the way.


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We are

An immigration agency that

Personalises your care

We have an ethos here at Visa to Australia, and that is we aim to do more than lodge visa; we personalise your application. Our passionate, knowledgeable and experienced team members have been helping people worldwide with Australian visas and their application process for years. We want to make the act of applying simpler and more stress-free for you so that you can worry about more important tasks.

Our immigration agency is a Registered Australian Migration Agency (MARN 0743766) that offers the following services:

We have legal professionals who specialise in immigration, citizenship appeals, cancellations, and non-compliance cases, all ready to provide dedicated, individualised service to you. It can be very easy to miss a piece of information or requirement when dealing with this often complicated process. We act as a safety blanket, giving you peace of mind in knowing that you will check every box.

All of this leads to a stronger case and application for you, bettering your chances of acquiring the visa and immigration status you seek. All of our clients receive a thorough visa application process from consultants worldwide. All services available online, giving people all over the world easy access to our highly-respected visa and immigration agency services.



The right Australian visa for your needs

Modern Australia is built on immigration and celebrates its multicultural society. As a result, it welcomes immigrants, students and visitors who meet specific requirements and follow the correct protocols. For those who are unfamiliar with the process, however, this can be challenging. We exist to make it less so. There are currently over 100 types of visas available to enter Australia, and knowing which one, or ones, are right for you can be tricky. It may well be the case that your situation makes you eligible for a variety of visa options. We can help you consider what is available, what suits your needs the best and which application will be the most likely to succeed.

With our team on the case, however, this becomes much simpler. We will look at your situation, understand your plans or desires, and find the best path forward for you. From there, we’ll work with you to ensure you have everything you need to put forward a high-quality application.

The cost of immigration to Australia will vary significantly depending on:

  • The type of visa needed 
  • Visa subclass requirements and parameters
  • Visa prices (which fluctuate)

To help with your budgeting, the Australian Government online visa price estimator is available, or you can speak to one of our team members who will be able to detail the exact costs relevant to your situation.

When incorporating the total amount you need when travelling in Australia, your travel plans, accommodation, spendings and more need be taken into account. As a general rule, AUD$5000 is deemed a minimum for comfortable travel throughout the country.

Those looking at longer-term immigration will need to understand various cost-of-living figures and financials. We recommend doing this research before initiating a visa application that brings with it fees and charges. Our goal is to ensure you only pay your application fees once due to a successful outcome the first time!

It can be difficult to receive an indicative timeframe for the processing of visa applications. Processing times are often made available for most visa subclasses and released displayed in calendar days, indicating how long applications submitted globally are taking to process. Our skilled team can update you on your visa’s current processing times, as they are likely to change over time.

In subclasses where there is a very high demand, processing priority is given to applicants with the most compelling claims in relation to the government’s policy priorities.

Processing times can be impacted each month by various elements such as changes in application volumes, seasonal peaks, a number of complex cases, and incomplete applications. Our services can help to streamline processing arrangements, submit a complete application and ensure all checklists and required documents are present in your application.


It is important to know what is changing and how those changes may affect you. Visa to Australia team will provide you with confirmed and explained changes.


Are you ready to move? Get help from the immigration agency you can trust

Many of our clients find peace of mind that is priceless when dealing with our highly-skilled and passionate staff. Such a significant move is daunting, and it is important that you have everything in place to make it go as smooth as possible. Here at Visa to Australia, we are proud to offer our diverse range of services to ensure exactly that.

Whether you are immigrating for study, work or another situation, it is our goal to help you one day call this beautiful country home. Our dedicated team provides transparency, reliability and professionalism and delivers clear, concise and reliable information and advice based on your unique situation. Speak to one of our friendly experts today, and move the right way!

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