Have you ever imagined what it would be like to fall in love while travelling? Is it possible or does it happen? Almost every day there is someone falling in love in Australia, while travelling – it happens, we can’t help our feelings nor can we stop them. It’s okay we are human and our laws understand that – fortunately if you fall in love while travelling you can apply for a partner visa; end up staying in Australia and getting married; everything does happen for a reason and sometimes the reason can be love!

It’s also possible for an Australian to fall in love while travelling and want to bring their loved one back to Australia to marry and that’s also possible. Love has no limitations, it’s special and there is a pathway you can take to cherish it, no matter the country or town.

Finding love overseas

It’s not really a frolic abroad unless you’ve had some sort form of holiday romance. You’re in a faraway land, full of mysterious people, and lonely. Not everyone likes to socialise, go to the pub or go to big dos. Some of us are working people, with mostly no time in the day to find love. But late at night, lying in bed gets lonely when you have no one to tell what you’ve accomplished or where you want to go – that is where many men and women land themselves beautiful partners from overseas that they fall in love with over the internet or dating sites. This allows for little communication at times when work is needed, but also brings love and attention into your life.

Farmers have very little time in the day to search for love, sometimes a beautiful overseas woman; to prepare the meals, work with them on the farm and to just be there for some evening love is special. There are plenty of women overseas just wanting to get to Australia, explore, go do your local market shopping; ladies that haven’t seen the potential Australia has. Most of all they are full of love, a life companion that will help you get through life, with a smile.

Anyone who is engaged, married or in a de facto relationship with an Australian citizen has the right to apply for a partner visa.

The love that lasts a lifetime

Travel itself is romantic—passionate, scary, risky, all at once—and so it shouldn’t be surprising that travel fosters romance. These days every caravan park, motel or hotel is filled with backpackers- men and women ready to work and explore the world; sometimes a little someone may pop into their way and then their whole life may change; calling the parents to tell them that they aren’t returning, organising housing and visas and most of all realising you’ve found love in a hopeless place.

When it comes to the ways of love and romance, no aphrodisiac is quite so potent as travel. On the road — freed from the dull routines and loneliness; You know some will say oh love is in the air – but really love is in the hostels. While you’re travelling, we all become besotted and sometimes can catch a little more than just a flight. Your surroundings will have a lot of other similarly minded people and sharing a brief kiss outside a club could lead to a little more, there is no doubt romance and traveling go together like nothing else.

You probably feel a bit trapped, wondering if this is all going to be worth it, is your visa going to be approved? Stop worrying and limit your stresses; have a think-

  1. Is Australia where you want to be?

  2. Do you love the person whom you’re about to stay and promise to share the rest of your life with if of course nothing disrupts this?

  3. Are you willing to leave the life you have now, to stop travelling – fill out the visa and get everything successfully approved to legally stay?

  4. Are your parents going to take the news okay? Explain to them you still have goals and achievements to make – just with someone now. It’s okay to choose your own pathway, remember that.

It’s okay, you’re not alone nor are you the only backpacker that’s travelled to Australia and found love; it’s very common, working and travelling makes you encounter a lot of different people from different backgrounds and cultures- who knows what is to be found as I said; there are no limits and you need to grow off your own tree root, maybe now is the time?

Let’s face it once you’ve been bit by the backpacking bug, there’s no going back; you’re pretty much in love. It can get lonely if you’re travelling around the world solo for months or years–meeting new people conveniently provides the perfect opportunity for a little romance!

Let this be the perfect motivation to go and get lost in the wilderness somewhere and never return. Sun, sea, sand and songs from a handsome stranger – who doesn’t love a holiday romance?

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