Meet Pacific Center Director Piotr Ferenc.

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Hey there, I am Piotr Ferenc, the Managing Director and Registered Migration Agent of Pacific Center. I wear many hats but to simplify my role on a daily basis you can find me managing the business, providing migration education and advice and representing our clients in front of the Immigration department and Administrative Appeal Tribunal.

My role is important to me because I help people migrate to Australia by sorting out complex legal matters in a constantly changing legal environment. The fact that I am helping people live out their dreams inspires me everyday.

The culture we have built here it’s like a family to me. I like to reward my staff to make them feel motivated and encourage their achievements inside and outside of the organisation.

Outside of work you can find me out sailing, downhill skiing, mountain bike riding or scuba diving, Yes i love the water!

Registration & Experience

The most important thing to know when engaging an Australian Migration agent is that they must be registered with the Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) in order to legally provide you with immigration advice and assistance. Check Pacific Center current registration and length of our experience.

Check us out on MARA registration site.

Piotr Ferenc has a MARN registration number 0743766. It means Piotr’s first registration was in 2007

Get to Know Piotr and His Business Pacific Center

We have had the privilege to have operated our business since 2003 which is well over 15 years, we have lasted so long because of our work ethic and determination to make sure every client gets a good outcome. Being in business for over 15 years also means that we are a stable and very much trusted business by many. We often receive referral business for our past clients who have had an excellent experience in dealing with us. We put ourselves in the shoes of our clients, without judgement and work with care to get you migrated to Australia. Most migration agents do not last a whole 12 months and in fact don’t last to even renew their licence and it lapses. Out registration is always up to date and if you’re feeling a bit unsure about an agent you can always check their MARN number to see how and if they are even a registered migration agent. Our MARN number is 0743766, the first two digits are the year in which you were registered.

Immigration and the law

In Australia it is illegal to provide Visa or Immigration advice unless you are a registered migration agent. If fact there is a lot of work that goes into staying on top of your skills and knowledge, as a registered agent you must attend yearly training CPD sessions to be up to date with requirements and changes. The rules are very strict and which an agent must adhere to. Things like keeping funds in trust accounts and being accountable for the advice you give. You may not think it’s very important but when a business closes down or suspends suddenly you will be thankful you have the correct protection in place.

Pacific Center (Visa To Australia) specialises in many different types of visas such as employer sponsored, partner and students being the prime visa types.

  • Since 2012 Registered Migration Agent Details are available online and Indywidual certyfikates are not issued anymore. You should check current registraion details here.

Piotr’s authentic approach

Our principal migration agent at Pacific Center is Piotr Ferenc who is known for his unusual and holistic approach. Finding a good solution is not always easy, it’s not just one step and you are done, there are many layers to this as you may find out one day. Firstly, there must be planning because there are time frames to consider, there may be a challenging family situation, English skills may need work or your travel plan may affect your visa plans. This is what Piotr is excellent at: planning and mapping out your journey step by step to make sure that you achieve what you want when you need it.

The difference between a specialised migration agent and a lawyer

Migration agents are different to lawyers, and most definitely not the same thing. You do not need a lawyer to help you with your visa, in fact it is better if you do go to a registered migration agent because we study this and work on this every day for our clients. A lawyer is legally allowed to represent their client for immigration purposes however unless they have completed a migration degree and or are a registered migration agent often, they have more general skills and lack common visa knowledge, or are up to date with current immigration changes. Common law is not the same as migration law and it’s best to get a specialist in your area you need help in.

If you are unsure about the help your lawyer can provide to you, a simple check is to ask them a few specific questions about your visa, if they are unsure about the answer then it’s probably wise to keep looking for a representation who is more knowledgeable in migration.

Meet The Rest Of The Team

PAULINA WARDOWSKAMRA Personal Assistant & Case Manager
Hey everyone, my name is Paulina and I’m a MRA Personal Assistant and case manager for Pacific Center. In my role I work with clients from everywhere around the world, many of them are from Poland and applying for Student Visas and are seeking assistance with their School enrolments.
KAROLINA FERENCCFO & Business Ops Manager
Hi. My name is Karolina Ferenc and I wear many hats in Pacific Center, i am a Director as well as Marketing Manager and the Accounts Manager and Technology Implementations just to name a few of my roles.
BRITTNEY DEBONISenior Case Manager
Hey my name is Brittney and I’m a Senior Case Manager here at Pacific Center. In my role I help our clients to gather their documents for their Visa applications.


Don’t hesitate to contact one of our migration agents today. You’re one click away from expert answers to your visa questions!

How can Piotr fix my visa refusal issues?

From time to time things don’t always go to plan and a visa can get refused, our results at Pacifc Center are superb because of our knowledge and skills in this immigration. If your visa gets refused it’s equally important to know what can be done about that too. Just because you got rejected doesn’t mean you will stay rejected. You can in fact apply for an appeal and eligible cases can be seen in front of AAT. Your registered migration agent can prepare your documentation, prepare a submission and guide you through the process, answers and strategy. Your migration agent can also be present during the hearing however it will be up to the judge on whether they let you speak at the hearing and answer questions at the hearing or not. Judges cannot ignore a well-prepared submission referring to the legal grounds of your case so in the event your agent is not allowed to speak at the hearing, you will still have a very solid case to present forward.

The more experienced your agent is the better the results you’re going to get from your refusal case. Piotr has excellent results in winning many visa refusals cases. If you are worried your agent won’t be able to win your case for you, it is best to check on their latest results. You can check credentials, memberships, associations and community bonds. Piotr successfully represented a few regional councils and the Queensland transport department.

Pacific Center is registered with the world’s largest education agent provider

We are also an education agent registered with PIER and we represent top of the range schools across Australia. Queensland is our home turf and favourite state but we get it, not everyone loves the great weather, tropical beaches, sky blue ocean. However, we do work with educational providers from across the nation to get the best options for our clients and so they can live their dreams too. We proudly represent the top universities, TAFEs and public schools from junior. We also work directly with the Queensland Government and Tasmanian Government so that international children can enrol and study in the public school education system.

Migration agents and the immigration department

Some years ago, there was a rumor (or not) that the immigration department has a black list of agents who didn’t perform well. True or not, it doesn’t matter because the point is that being in business for a long period of time means that you also make great connection and a lot of them. Piotr is well known for his uncompromising approach and strong legislation standing. His standards and status are due to his devotion to win and that has made many case officers respect him. Open and respectful communication with immigration department sometimes is a key to win the case. You cannot back down from a fight and that is what Piotr does best.

Client diversity 

We are happy to represent clients from all cultures, backgrounds and parts of the world. Our background makes it easier for us to connect with our European clients, but over the time we developed strong relationships with Filipino communities and we have visited our partners in India. We work closely with Canadian and South American agencies, while building strong connections to the South African community in regional Queensland. Our cultural diversity makes us stronger and smarter with each culture, each person teaching us something new.

Who we work with?

Small or big, private or corporate, simple or not – we have done it all. We work great with small or large businesses, we’ve represented government organisations, huge resorts and mom and dad businesses. We worked on cases being done within a few days (RSMS visa granted in 9 days) and taking years or even generations. We made many friends and made many families happy. So please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Piotr or our team to see exactly how we can help you!