My name is Paulina and I am a Senior Manager at the Australian Study Center. My team and I are here to here to answer all your questions about schools, study and courses in Australia. 

Hairdressing, tiling, surfing, business, nursing, IT, cyber security, engineering, or creative arts. These are just a few examples of what you can study in Australia at vocational courses. Vocational means relating to an occupation or employment.

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We can find a course for anyone. If you want to upskill in your current occupation, change a career, do something for fun or get ready for university- we have a solution for you.
In all 7 states, we have over 320 schools we work with, offering in total over 10 000 courses.
You can choose between:
• Certificates I, II, III and IV – entry-level courses, usually last for 3-6 months each certificate
• Diploma level- usually takes 12 months
• Advanced diploma courses – usually takes 12 -18 months

We can also connect your English and vocational course. This way you may study English first until you qualify for a vocational course. The same can be done with vocational and university courses.
To enrol you will need to evidence your English skills and previous education. The Minimum is completed grade 12. For higher course levels like diploma or advanced diploma admission process is more complicated. Different levels of English, sometimes previous work experience or completion of lover level courses is required.